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Yummy pierogies

Making some yummy pierogies!

I think pierogies are definitely one of my favorite meals to have. As a kid I used to always watch my mom make them. Eventually I asked her to give me her recipe but she said it was all in her head… it was one of those recipes where it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Over the years I have tried different recipes and none ever came close to my mom’s. The problem was always in the dough :( Last year I came across some frozen pierogies from Pelmen. After having them I think I  have found a perfect substitute to my mom’s pierogies or as the say in Ukrainian – varenyky! I boil them first then fry them up with some onions. As a kid I hated sour cream, so I never ate my varenyky with sour cream. Now I add some sour cream to my plate and voila, my favorite meal!

I am still looking for that perfect recipe. I came across one on Martha Stewart’s site. I didn’t know she was half polish, did you? She uses sour cream in her dough, which I think my mother did as well. I am definitely going to give that recipe a try.

P.S. If anyone has a great pierogi/varenyky recipe and would like to share, I thank you in advance!

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Shepherd’s Pie

So I finally got around to making my shepherd’s pie minus the Guinness beerThe first time I try a recipe I usually follow all the steps and use all the ingredients listed. If I end up making it again then I play around with the recipe and add my own twist to it. Sometimes I try different versions of the same recipe and take a little bit from each one to create my own unique dish. This shepherd’s pie is my own creation or what I like to say “with my own little touch of yumminess”. The next time I make shepherd’s pie I want try a vegetarian version.

I like to mix some peas and carrots with my meat to give it some flavor. Depending what I have on hand I will use creamed corn or a can of creamed corn and regular corn. For the final touch I top the mashed potatoes with some shredded cheddar cheese the final 10 minutes or so. Once the cheese has melted I broil it for a couple of minutes.

Shepherd’s pie recipe