Main dishes, With a touch of yumminess

Shepherd’s Pie

So I finally got around to making my shepherd’s pie minus the Guinness beerThe first time I try a recipe I usually follow all the steps and use all the ingredients listed. If I end up making it again then I play around with the recipe and add my own twist to it. Sometimes I try different versions of the same recipe and take a little bit from each one to create my own unique dish. This shepherd’s pie is my own creation or what I like to say “with my own little touch of yumminess”. The next time I make shepherd’s pie I want try a vegetarian version.

I like to mix some peas and carrots with my meat to give it some flavor. Depending what I have on hand I will use creamed corn or a can of creamed corn and regular corn. For the final touch I top the mashed potatoes with some shredded cheddar cheese the final 10 minutes or so. Once the cheese has melted I broil it for a couple of minutes.

Shepherd’s pie recipe